Rec Room Flooring

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If you”re thinking about creating your own recreation room, you are probably focusing on the furniture, the television, the games and all the other entertainment you may want in the room. While all of this is important, something almost equally important is being overlooked: the flooring.

If your rec room lacks the right flooring, it”s going to make things very difficult—and often uncomfortable—for you. Consider the flooring options below to figure out what is best for

your rec room.

Carpet is a common flooring choice for rec rooms, and for good reason—it”s extremely comfortable to walk on, simple to maintain, is relatively cheap in comparison to other options and can match the décor of the room. The downside of carpeting, however, is that it can be difficult to clean stains off of (even if you choose carpeting that comes with a no stain guarantee), not to mention that for people with certain allergies, it can make for a sneeze-fest. If you plan on hosting a lot of guests and they may be a little messy, then carpet is a definite no-go.

Tile is pretty inexpensive, yet has the ability to look great in a rec room. There are a variety of tile styles available, making it easy to find the right one to match your rec room. It”s also quite easy to install, so if you”re looking to do it yourself with your rec room, it”s a great choice. However, vinyl tile doesn”t always hold up well in high traffic areas, and ceramic tile can break if hit too hard, so it”s important to take this into consideration when thinking about tile in your rec room.

While not very often considered for rec rooms, granite can also be a great choice. It”s very durable, resistant to stain and looks awesome. It can be a little harder to install, so it”s a good idea to consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. It is also a bit more on the pricey side, but because it will hold up for a long time, it”s a very good option.

Hardwood Flooring
Chances are, you probably have hardwood flooring in part of your house and admire the look of it. It”s not only appropriate for dining rooms, but it can also be the perfect choice for rec rooms. It is easy on the feet, looks amazing and adds a level of “prestige” to your room. On the downside, it can be a little harder to maintain, is harder to install and doesn”t always take a beating well (you may find lots of marks on it if your guests wear heels). But, if properly cared for, it”ll hold up great.

Laminate Flooring
Finally, there is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring gives the illusion of being real wood, yet it is not. It is far easier to maintain than other types of flooring, is stain resistant and significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring. It”s also so easy to install that even if you”re not Ty Pennington, you”ll still be able to do the job without messing it up. It won”t hold up as long as hardwood flooring, but for the price and the level of comfort it provides to you and your guests, it”s a worthy choice for your rec room.


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