Best Movies in Surround Sound

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/best-movies-to-watch-in-hd/”>best movies to watch in HD, we”re not judging movies on quality here. The movie may be absolutely terrible (here”s looking at you Matrix sequels), but if it sounds great on surround sound it”s going on the list.

With that said, the best surround sound movies aren”t necessarily action — albeit most are. It all depends on the quality of the movie and how important sound was during production. Of course, if you”re talking about the loudest, earth-shaking, cop-inviting sound, why yes, they come from action movies.

That”s where we begin our list:

5. Saving Private Ryan – Periods for emphasis. The first 15-20 minutes of the movie where Hanks storms the beaches of Normandy are hard to beat. If someone was visiting and you wanted to show them a quick, solid test of your

surround sound”s capability — you should put on Saving Private Ryan.

4. The Fifth Element – Also on our list of movies with the best HD. Not only is there tons of action, but the soundtrack is amazing as well. A pretty fun movie overall to watch in your home theater.

3. Perfect Storm – Sound effects from high seas with gusty wind can be heard in about 90% of the movie”s scenes, in addition to several larger moments that highlight your surround sound capability. The moments of jaw-dropping awe are not as numerous as with other films, but it”s outstanding overall.

2. Titanic – I know, I know. It”s a click flick, it”s 9 hours long, but the surround sound is awesome. You hear everything all the time — the roar of the ship”s engines, the water, dialogue in the background, plus some pretty intense scenes for the last hour of the movie when the ship hits the iceburg, splits, and sinks.

1. Twister. There are so many movies that can be on this list, particularly at number one — but for the surround sound most likely to get your

cops called on you, put Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt in your DVD player. The opening scene of the movie gets you ready for the long line of lightning, hail, tornadoes you”ll hear for the next couple of hours, along with all the destruction they cause. Just perfect.

There are several honorable mentions:

Kids: Finding Nemo, Titan AE, Toy Story 2, Wall-E
Guys & Gals: Terminator 3, Gladiator, U571, The Rock, Signs

What are your favorite movies to listen to in surround sound? Post below!

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One Response to “Best Movies in Surround Sound”

  1. thomas pritchard on September 11th, 2010 10:06 pm

    topgun is one of my best,the sound of the jets,transformers is a good one

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