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A hom

e bar is the perfect edition to any recreation room, yet it”s also something that requires a lot of thought. If you don”t know what type of bar you”re going after, you may build a bar that fails to satisfy you and your guests” needs. Learning a bit about the different styles of home bars—as well as what these include—will help you to build the home bar of your dreams.

Shapes of Home Bars

L-Shaped Bar. It”s a popular style of home bar that works well in any rec room. Like the name says, the bar has counter that is bent (usually in an L-shape. This style is both space efficient and very elegant looking. The L-shaped bar may have a marble or wood countertop, and can seat several people, depending on the size of the bar.

Kegger Bar. The kegger style is ideal if you”re looking to create a frat-house atmosphere in your home bar. As the name suggests, kegger bars have space underneath the countertop for a keg of beer. Kegger bars usually have straight countertops that are very plain looking, yet serve their purpose and can seat several of your college buddies—though not as much as the L-shaped bar.

Bar with a Cabinet-Mirror Back. You”ll need some place to put all of your alcohol, and the bar with a cabinet-mirror back gives you both space and an impression of roominess. It is a very classy looking bar style, and quite easy to implement into your rec room. You can top off with a kegger bar counter or even an L-shaped counter, as the centerpiece of this bar is definitely the cabinet and mirror in the background.

Much of how the bar looks and even feels is attributed to the overall theme of the room. For instance, if you”re looking to have an Irish or

English pub look, or possibly a sports bar look, you”ll pay more attention to creating that look than you will to the style of the bar countertop.

What Your Home Bar Can Include

Different Styles of Seating. Unless you buy a bar countertop with chairs, you”ll have a lot of different options when it comes to seating. You might go with wooden bar stools, leather-seated bar stools or even metal stools. For a better idea of what bar stool to purchase, check out our article on bar stools.

Neon Signs. You”ve seen the signs outside of your favorite pub, and you”ve wondered “where do they get that?” The answer? From companies that create these signs—and since home bars are so popular, neon signs are quite easy for you to get. They”ll also add a certain “bar” element to your home bar, making your guests feel like they”re in an actual bar.

Special Lighting. It”s not just for pool tables. Good lighting is essential to any home bar, and many online stores now sell specially designed bar lights. You can buy lights with shades that have NFL, NCAA or other sports logos on them, as well as lights with color-specified shades.


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