Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

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For some reason, air hockey

tables and

their popularity have waned over the years. Ping pong tables and foosball tables have become the more common in fixture in game

rooms, leaving air hockey tables to die and only be found in old, worn down arcades near the beach.

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Beginner Air Hockey Table. You don”t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to purchase an OK air hockey table. Beginner air hockey tables are generally smaller in size than are intermediate or advanced air hockey tables, have bolt-on legs and can be folded up when not in use. A beginner air hockey table will hold up fine with moderate use, but if you”re planning on playing a lot on it, you”ll probably want to invest in a more expensive air hockey table.

Intermediate Air Hockey Table. They”re more durable and cost more than beginner air hockey tables, but intermediate air hockey tables are as close as you”ll get to a high quality table in this price range. If you aren”t planning on having an air hockey league in your rec room, an intermediate air hockey table will work good. Most intermediate air hockey tables come in either full-size, medium-size or arcade-style.

Advanced Air Hockey Table. Advanced air hockey tables are what the pros play on, and if everything else in your rec room is professional, you”ll probably want to plunk down the money to get one. Most advanced air hockey tables do not fold up, so if space is an issue, they”re probably not the best buy. However, advanced air hockey tables do hold up much better than beginner or intermediate tables—they won”t dent and the paint won”t wear off as easily–which is part of what makes them a good buy.

Arcade-Style Air Hockey Tables. All three types of air hockey tables mentioned above may or may not come in arcade-style. If they do, they will be much like the air hockey tables you played on as a kid in the local arcade—they”ll keep track of goals, play music and perhaps even taunt the opponent. Arcade-style air hockey tables are not typically used in professional leagues, so they won”t be the right table for every buyer.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Price. The more you spend on your air hockey table, the better quality it will be. If you can”t afford an expensive, advanced air hockey table or even an intermediate air hockey table, it”s alright, but know that in spending less, you”ll be getting a table with less quality. So if you can afford to buy the best, do it without hesitation.

The style that fits you. If you”re an average joe recreational player, you”ll probably be happy as a clam with a beginner or intermediate air hockey table. But if you”re known as the fierce competitor in your sports league, then you might not like a cheap, beginner table and would be better off with an advanced air hockey table.

Size. Like every other type of recreational table, the air hockey table comes in different sizes. What you buy will depend on your height (and the guests” height), as well as the space you”re working with in the room. You should make sure you have a few feet between the air hockey table and the wall all around it, and it shouldn”t be so low that you have to bend down a lot just to hit the puck. Typical air hockey tables are 90 by 50 inches, which is just the right size for regulation-style games, provided you have the room space.

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  1. Al Rainaldi on December 22nd, 2010 1:03 am

    I am looking for a mid-size table.
    Maybe 5′ X 3′ whats available.

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