Pool Table Lighting Height

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7″ />Pool table lighting has significant effect on your and your opponent”s game—particularly if you are a precision pool shooter. When you”re determining how to come at that stripe or solid ball, you”re relying on the angles of the light on the balls. Poor lighting height will mess with the appearance of these angles, which means you might be considerably off when you hit your shot.

“Oh, That Glare Hurts My Eyes.”

Another issue with poor poor table lighting height is

that it tends to create a distracting glare. Instead of being able to focus on the balls and how you”ll hit them, you”ll be distracted by the light in your eyes. This will keep you from playing at your best.

“Nice Shot, You Broke it Again!”

Finally, if you hang the pool table lighting too low, you risk hitting the lighting with the cue. Unless you plan on buying a new lighting fixture every couple of weeks, it”s simply not a good idea to have lighting that hangs too low. On the flip side, it”s also not a good idea to hang the lighting fixture too high, as this will result in the glare mentioned above.

How to Get Proper Pool Table Lighting Height

 Hang It In the Middle. The whole purpose of a pool table light is to illuminate the table. Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

It”s not meant to light up any other part of your game room, and if the light does go off the table, then you don”t have it hung right. Hang the pool table lighting fixture above the dead center of the table. This will help to prevent any glare or false depth perception you”d encounter with an improperly hung light.

 What”s The Right Height? You have it hung right in the middle of the table, but at what height should it be hung? That”s a good question, and the

answer to it is extremely important. For most lighting fixtures, the proper height is approximately 32 inches above the center of the bed of the table. Or, if you lack a tape measurer, hang the lighting fixture so that the bottom of it is even with the bridge of your nose when you stand straight up. Even if your guests are a bit taller than you, the lighting fixture should still be at roughly the right height even with this general method of hanging your light.

 I Don”t Have a Table Yet, But I Want to Hang the Lights. Some people work in reverse, and perhaps you”re one of those people. The good news is, you can hang your pool table lighting fixture at the right height even before you know what table you”re going to buy, or before you”ve actually paid the last $1,000 on it. You”ll want to measure and hang the light so that the very bottom of it is approximately 62-70 inches from the floor. So how do you know whether to hang it at 62 inches or 70 inches? Well, it”ll simply depend on the table you”re planning on purchasing. A standard table will probably require the full 70 inches, while a slightly smaller table will probably be fine with lighting at 62 inches.

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3 Responses to “Pool Table Lighting Height”

  1. john on March 25th, 2010 11:30 pm

    thx for the info. got the table first and was ready to hang the lite, but how hi, low or what. So will use your specs.

    thx again

  2. mary on March 2nd, 2011 12:17 pm

    how do i set up the table height and level the pool table?

  3. JR on April 11th, 2011 11:09 am

    I have a three bulb fixture that is an overall glass structure centered over a nine foot table. What type bulb should be used? Clear, soft white and wattage?
    Thank you for your help.

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